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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Commercial Roofing Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our preventative maintenance program is a service offered to customers for the purpose of extending the life of their current roofing system. This service program is a specialty of Partners in the commercial roofing industry and we are proud to say it's what makes us stand out. Here are a couple reasons to consider enrolling in our preventative maintenance programs today:

  • These programs are tailored to our customers. Depending on the type of roofing system you currently have, Partners will customize a program for your building to help keep us on stand-by for immediate emergency response or repair.

  • Preventative maintenance helps keeps the customer from having to deal with more costly repairs such as wet insulation and steel decking replacement.

  • A yearly examination of the roofing system keeps the customer informed as to current condition and eventually appropriate timing for replacement.

  • The option of preventative roof maintenance saves customers time and money in the long run, as well as provides a peace of mind in the event of emergencies that could potentially delay or close your business.

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