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Photovoltaic Systems

Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

With the evolving energy efficient market, the demand for solar panels is increasing. Now is a great time to consider solar (photovoltaic) due to the rebates available. Solar panels actively create electricity by using the sun's energy. When sunlight (photons) hits the silicon crystal, electrons are released and an electrical current is created. There are several types of solar panels including:


Single silicon crystal, most expensive


Multiple silicon crystals, least expensive


Thin layer of silicon crystal, easily adaptable

The most expensive component of any PV cell is silicon. Amorphous type panels give the consumer more flexibility for installation, especially on standing seam roofs. To maximize the sun's rays, it is recommended to install the solar panels at an angle. It is best to keep in mind that installation angle, weather and possible obstructions (shade) all play a role in how efficient your solar panel will be.
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With the evolving energy efficient market, the demand for solar panels is increasing.
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