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(Steep-slope Roofs)

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Standing seam metal roofs are created by interlocking panels of coated steel that create a watertight seal.  This roofing system offers advantages in overall durability and longevity.

Advantages offered by metal roofs include

  • Ability to withstand large wind and rain loads, as well as being ideal for rainwater collection.
  • Can be retrofitted over any existing roofing system.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and textures which makes it a popular aesthetic choice.
  • Little to no maintenance required with a possible life span of up to 50 years.
  • Most qualify for a Class A fire rating, which can greatly reduce insurance rates.

Metal roof systems are a great choice for many commercial roof applications. With many options in material such as galvalume (longest lasting), steel, aluminum, and copper, finding the suitable choice for your metal roof is simple. While the initial cost of installation is higher, metal roofing systems pay off in the long run with greater cost efficiency overall.

Flexibility in low temperatures.
Superior resistance to extreme heat and fire.
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A heat weldable, flexible, Thermoplastic membrane vailable in .045 and .060mil thicknesses.
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A blend of polypropylene and ethylene rubber with scrim reinforced membrane provides for weldability.
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Traditional BUR systems use multiple layers of felt soaked in bitumen(asphalt or tar).
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Metal roofing systems offer advantages in overall durability and longevity.
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With the evolving energy efficient market, the demand for solar panels is increasing.
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Green roofing, also referred to as a living roof, encompasses both energy efficient and environmentally friendly roof systems.