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Built-up Roofing (BUR) Membranes

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Built-up roofing systems (BUR) are created by one or more layers of reinforced polymer, modified bitumen, and felt material resulting in multiple layers of protection.

There are two types of modified bitumen systems: APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). These two differ in both installation process and specific advantages they offer.

APP advantages and installation:

  • This modified product offers a greater resistance to U.V. deterioration.
  •  The installation for APP utilizes a torching process to ensure full adherence to the roofing surface.

SBS advantages and installation:

  • This modified product has a greater resistance to water penetration.
  • It is also a better choice for locations where movement of the deck is anticipated.
  • SBS is mopped instead of torched, creating a safer environment during
    the installation process.
  • This modified product also requires perlite or wood fiber for correct installation.

Advantages offered by both include:

  • No additional materials are needed when applying to cement decking.
  • Able to withstand a higher amount of foot traffic.
  • Peel–and-stick adhesive products offer more flexibility with repairs.
  • Can be coated with elastomeric or aluminum to increase reflectivity and deterioration.
  • Layers provide extra insulation for buildings resulting in lowered utility costs.
  • An existing BUR system can be easily recovered with other roofing systems.

BUR is a great option for many commercial roofing applications. Its high versatility and durability along with its many advantages make it a very attractive option for anyone considering a new roofing system.

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